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Eggman likes her a lot and always wants shadow to protect her. In Sonic X, it is said Rougehas a big crush on Knuckles she will never admit to. Nude sex tumbir. Does shadow the hedgehog care for rouge the bat? Dose rouge the bat love sonic?

Who is Rouge the bat? Answer has been removed. It's all yours to play with, honey," purred the bat girl right before placing a gentle kiss against the side of Amy's head. Lesbian rouge the bat. Palutena Kid Icarus 77 pictures hot. Her eyes are the color jade green it's really pretty. I'm quite surprised how few straight pics are out there - and how many of Mikā€¦ character: Rouge's super tight and black colored bodysuit left absolutely nothing for the imagination whatsoever.

She is a very strong-minded young woman, fearless, ambitious, flirty, calculating narcissist who most people see as only caring for herself and her gems. March 8, at Feeling all too curious about what was going on, Cream then slowly got off of the sofa as she now started to walk her way over towards Amy, the pink hedgehog opening up the front door in haste as she calmly approached over to her. Sara jay milf hd. A Shadow-Rouge relationship seems much more likely at this point.

Is rouge the bat datting someone? Does Shadow the Hedgehog have a crush on Rouge the Bat? This is gonna be just straight up lesbian stuff man. You have your fans to thank for that. Does rouge the bat dislike Amy rose? Hugging Amy back just as warmly, Rouge giggled seductively before sweetly whispering inside of the younger girl's ear, "Aw, did you miss me, baby? The way knuckles acts around her in the games shows that he likes her more than she likes him. Cream straight up noticed just how excited Amy all of the sudden started to look now.

Your review has been posted. Is rouge the bat fat? However, at the very end of it all Rouges attacks are mostly kicks. Rouge is a villan character in the games and usually works with shadow and eggman sometimes in hopes to secretly trick them and go after the chaos emerald for herself.

It seemed almost too clear to notice just how 'into this' Amy actually was, but Rouge was no slouch herself.

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You do know that Spazkid primarily does other things that arent porn, so he can take as long as he wants.

The Advantage Of Boarding. Big tits duck. What do think of rouge the bat? The answer is Knuckles the Enchilada, but she likes Shadow the most because she is always with him. Why does rouge the bat flirt all of the time? Horny blonde in latex treating a dick.

In the majority of games that they're in, she flirts with him, and is also concerned about his safety in some situations. Cream kept on lewdly feasting on the juicy, rounded, female buttocks that was right in front of herself, Amy shamelessly watched her younger friend in the act while she fingered her own wet pussy with her left hand, and Rouge merely continued to wail out loudly in such agonizing feeling pleasure like the nasty slut that she truly, and always, was ever since her own early teen hood.

Only SEGA can decide really. It's kind of up to opinion I suppose. It's all yours to play with, honey," purred the bat girl right before placing a gentle kiss against the side of Amy's head.

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It seemed almost too clear to notice just how 'into this' Amy actually was, but Rouge was no slouch herself. Wow Spaz, I really am impressed, this definitely shows a rather good connection between the two characters, I really have to say, I am already getting into this! August 21, at Now gazing back over at Amy, the smirking bat then playfully asked the green eyed girl, "Say, are you going to let me inside already or not?

Think about it Shadow is always there for Rouge when shes in trouble. Knuckles is also painfully shy around girls which would explain his awkward behavior. Lesbian rouge the bat. Do shadow like rouge the bat? Don't have an account? The bat girl's fat, yet somewhat firmed booty cheeks wobbled and jiggled about as she slowly continued to aimlessly walk on forward, the beyond sexy sight of it alone soon making Amy Rose quickly begin to run her way over towards Rouge now. Cum inside japanese pussy. He may not love her, but he certainly does care for her.

Seconds later, Cream the Rabbit soon pulled her cute looking face away from the womanly bat's very big butt, the young girl now shaking around both of Rouge's really plump ass cheeks in her own two hands as she then let out a couple of adorable sounding giggles.

She is most definitely his best and probably only friend. Spazkid has been working on this comic in his spare time and its really hot Ive already seen the sketches of the upcoming pages. It was only a matter of time before Cream joined in with them anyhow, and Rouge and Amy both knew that from the start. M-mm, your tongue feels s-so good! February 28, at Where is a rouge the bat website?

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