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Season 4 The Handmaid's Tale: Gun Porn Is the film focusing on characters loading guns, talking about them, or showing them off? Seth gets shot on one cheek with a pistol, gets shot through the shoulder with a harpoon, gets stabbed in the stomach with his own knife, and finally dies when the giant snake bites him on the other cheek.

Your email address will not be published. Sexy oriental escorts. One way to get more nudity on screen is to have a shower scene and the ladies and dudes in Andy Sidaris movies are hitting the showers constantly.

Ladies in Andy Sidaris movies will often show up completely miss dressed for the situation, for instance a character working out in an office in a unitard that has a g-string. Hard ticket to hawaii nude. Sidaris knew exactly what he wanted in his films -- hot chicks with big boobs! He's one of the best directors of exploitation cinema in the s and early 90s. Hyper-Snake and drug lords. Hard Ticket to Hawaii Cynthia Brimhall Playboy centerfold Cynthia Brimhall unhooking her dress and letting it fall off, standing topless in her underwear before she changes into some other clothes.

It's a rental that you'll probably fast forward through. Playboy Playmate Hope Marie Carlton showering as she removes her white bikini top to reveal her breasts while talking to Dona Speir.

Maverickand More Movie News. Does it have ridiculous weapons, ludicrous means of transportation, gratuitous nudity, and semi-competent action sequences? Posted 22 May - Characters are constantly flying. I bet Jason is going to love this one. Asian lesbian xx. Or a maid in a g-string. Rodrigo Obregon as Seth Romero. Two-minute version of clip shown on Attack of the Show! Hope Marie Carlton making out with a guy on the sand at a beach, wearing only a thong bikini bottom and giving us a look at her breasts.

An ex-Playboy Playmate, Dona is regularly naked throughout this movie and the lingering shots of her butt and large breasts along with extensive nudity from just about every other cast member make this film very watchable. Post navigation 50 Years of Horror: Notify me of new posts by email.

I know I did. Russell Howell as Skateboard Rider. They have a rumble in the jungle and the girls get away with the diamonds, as does the hyper-snake. Yo, Is This Racist?

Harold Diamond as Jade.

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Russell Howell as Skateboard Rider. Natural big tits porno. Two-minute version of clip shown on Attack of the Show!

Maverickand More Movie News. I bet Jason is going to love this one. Explosions, deadly loose snake, nudity, bad 80's hair. Might be a little obscure for the podcast but plenty of stuff to talk about. Cynthia Brimhall in Hard Ticket to Hawaii. Andy loved establishing locations by having characters getting into cars or out of them.

Posted 15 August - Posted 02 May - If you like breasts, you'll like all of these type of movies Hope is in. There is an Andy Sidaris dvd collection on Amazon that is really cheap and great. Hard ticket to hawaii nude. Demi nude photo. Sidaris appears as a television director. Moss switches the Frisbees and throws the razor blade Frisbee. Exposition Dumps Characters meet up and discuss backstory. Jade, how bad you hit? The bad guy tries to catch it but it slices right through all of his finger, cuts them clean off.

The effects of Rowdy's rocket launcher vary, at one point it completely evaporates a mook with an explosion and in other, it just sends a mook flying through a wall. So, Moss turns the bazooka on it and blows it to pieces.

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These movies were nuts in that the Playmates, Penthouse Pets, and porn stars were trying to play their roles straight but looked horrible and then totally went all in during their numerous sex scenes. The bazookaRowdy? It covers the whole screen and you see little parts flying everywhere. Submit a new link. Seth sends a transvestite to kidnap the owner of a restaurant, Edy Cynthia Brimhallso his men can torture her with a female bodybuilder into revealing where Donna and Taryn are.

Dona Speir baring her breasts when she removes a towel after a shower and begins to make out with a guy. Later, they get backup in form of two other agents, Rowdy and Jade. The naked truth quotes. Cool Car Appears If one of the former Playboy Playmates that star in the movies drives a Ferrari or the bad guy shows up in a Fiero it counts. Peter Bromilow as Mr.

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